BRAV Explorers 2.0

Our Product

Without a doubt our fastest selling sock of 2019 the original explorers have been ordered more times over than any other design and always looks the part wherever they are. The new explorers are the same classic design inspired by a Yosemite sunset. We have a feeling they are gonna make a huge impact and are already a favourite among the BRAV Team. 

Fabric & Care

Fabric: 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose*

• Machine wash cold, with like colours. Tumble dry low.

• No bleach, fabric softeners, or dry cleaning.

Fly Me To The Moon!

The initial and most iconic of the BRAV range. Most companies are built and based off of a single concept. This was BRAVs.

Growing up BRAV's founder Adam Fletcher always wanted to be an astronaut, and his love for space has been emulated in this very design. It is the design concept that created the whole company and still to this day is the favourite and most popular sock in the whole range.

Reach for the stars and beyond in this iconic sock,  was the starting point of one incredible journey! 

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