So it begins...

So it begins...

January 02, 2019

So it’s the new year and things have not exactly gone as initially intended. But how often does that happen … Life just gets in the way some times and that’s pretty much always going to be the case. But we are definitely equipped to adapt to that and even in some cases use it to our advantage.

But not me, not this time anyway … I have missed a huge chunk of training, I’m not going to get that back. But I like to think that I can more often than not be an optimist, it’s still doable .. I can do this for sure.

So let’s break it down: 82 miles, over 10,000ft of ascent, a strict 24 hour cut off time of constant running. Right got it … Oh and only 50% of entrants actually finish the race.

So the 16 week plan has started. At first glance it doesn’t seem too bad, not to start with anyway. But I do have to bear in mind that I am primarily a Triathlete and this means that there are two other disciplines that I need to keep on top of. Undoubtedly the cycling and swimming will only help with my fitness and training. But I do also have to be conscious that I have a full time job and also run my own Company so I have to take all things into account.

Commitment to me is key. Endurance sport requires a steely determination and ambition just to stick at it, ask anyone who does it … But I am very lucky, I have an incredible support system. I do this for them as much as I do it for myself, the look of pride on their face when I accomplish something is priceless, there really is no feeling like it.

So the ball is now rolling. I hope you come along for the adventure. I will be blogging the whole journey. From the training to the change in diet. Trying to shift them excess Xmas pounds in time and to testing my very own brand socks out in the process and putting them to the ultimate endurance test!

I really want to encourage anyone who has any advice, tips or wants to join me for any training. Please just get in touch with me at .. I’d love to hear from you!

Speak soon



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