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Kept under lock and key, and developed in our top secret BRAV manufacturing division this stealthy, smart, jet black sock is the first totally meshed BRAV sock. Our design gurus were given one brief…..make a great sock, ever greater! After testing and taking in all customer feedback, we feel that with BRAV X we have created a super stealthy, super aerodynamic breathable sock that you will love!  Black BRAV logo is stitched ultra-skilfully down the back, but in such a way that will you see it, or won't you!?

This isn't just any plain black sock, its a black BRAV sock, and all you BRAVsters out there are going to love it super comfortable fit.

X marks the spot…..order yours today!

Fabric & Care

Fabric: 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose*

• Machine wash cold, with like colours. Tumble dry low.

• No bleach, fabric softeners, or dry cleaning.

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