Strong Girl Legging (Jet Black)

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Introducing our very first strong girl Leggings At BRAV Endurance, we pride ourselves on the careful effort to detail, comfort and design of all our our products. We have been working tirelessly on creating a range, without compromise on comfort, precision to detail and 100% authentic to BRAV’ signature style. Every aspect of this endurance short has been careful thought out, offering the maximum amount of comfort and support . The garment has been tailored to hug the contours of the body and provide the maximum support and movability even in the most rigorous of workouts. 

Features & Fabric

•Close-fitting  shorts made with premium materials perfectly designed to move and stretch with your body with advanced fabrics that provide compressive support to minimise friction, which can rub and become uncomfortable over time

• Developed for all-day comfort, this endurance focused short offers fantastic support, antibacterial protection and helps keep you cool, supported and dry especially those longer rides.

• engineered side pockets for storage but not adding bulk to the short. 

• Thick waistband for ultimate support while running, competing in your latest hyrox games or simply out for a coffee catch up. feel supported and comfortable all day long. 

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